Cisco Vs Huawei LAB E – (Configuring a Serial Interface)

In this article, we will learn about configuring a serial interface on Cisco and Huawei devices. Configuring a synchronous serial interface includes setting physical and link layer parameters.

NetworksHeaven> enable
NetworksHeaven# configure terminal
NetworksHeaven(config)# interface serial 1/0/0
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# ip address
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# clock rate 64000
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# no shutdown
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# exit
<NetworksHeaven> system-view
[NetworksHeaven] interface  Serial 1/0/0
[NetworksHeaven -Serial1/0/0] ip address    8
[NetworksHeaven -Serial1/0/0] link-protocol ppp
[NetworksHeaven -Serial1/0/0] baudrate  64000
[NetworksHeaven -Serial1/0/0] undo shutdown
[NetworksHeaven -Serial1/0/0] quit

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