Cisco Vs Huawei LAB B – 4 (Show and Display Commands 4)

In this post, we will learn some basic “show” commands in Cisco (IOS) and their alternatives “display” commands in Huawei (VRP OS).

NetworksHeaven# Show  ipv6 interface brief <NetworksHeaven> Display ipv6  interface  brief
NetworksHeaven# Show   ipv6  route <NetworksHeaven> Display  ipv6 routing-table
NetworksHeaven# show   frame-relay   map <NetworksHeaven> display  fr  map-info
NetworksHeaven# show  ip   bgp   neighbor <NetworksHeaven> display  bgp   peer
NetworksHeaven# show bgp   ipv4 unicast summary <NetworksHeaven> display   bgp   routing-table
NetworksHeaven# show bgp   ipv6  unicast summary <NetworksHeaven> display bgp ipv6 routing-table
NetworksHeaven# show bgp  vpnv4 unicast all  summary <NetworksHeaven> display bgp  vpnv4 all  routing-table
NetworksHeaven# show bgp  vpnv6 unicast all summary <NetworksHeaven> display bgp  vpnv6 all  routing-table

Cisco Vs Huawei CLI Commands in Slides