Cisco Vs Huawei LAB B3 (Show and Display Commands)

In this post, we will learn some basic “show” commands in Cisco (IOS) and their alternatives “display” commands in Huawei (VRP OS).

NetworksHeaven# Show access-list <NetworksHeaven> Display acl all
NetworksHeaven# Show access-list 10 <NetworksHeaven> Display acl  2001
NetworksHeaven# show ip nat  translations <NetworksHeaven> display  nat  session all
NetworksHeaven# show  mac  address-table <NetworksHeaven> display  mac-address
NetworksHeaven# show   vlan <NetworksHeaven> display   vlan
NetworksHeaven# show   vlan  id  1 <NetworksHeaven> display   vlan   1
NetworksHeaven# show   interface   status <NetworksHeaven> display    port   vlan
NetworksHeaven# show  spanning-tree <NetworksHeaven> display    stp

Cisco Vs Huawei CLI Commands in Slides