Cisco Vs Huawei LAB N-2 (Configuring Trunk Ports)

Trunk link: connects a switch to another switch or to a router. Data of different VLANs are transmitted along a trunk link. The two ends of a trunk link must be able to distinguish frames with VLAN tags. Therefore, only tagged frames are transmitted along trunk links.

NetworksHeaven(config)# interface Ethernet 0/0/5
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# switchport mode trunk
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# end
Useful Commands
SW-NetworksHeaven# show interfaces trunk
SW-NetworksHeaven# show interfaces status
[NetworksHeaven] interface Ethernet 0/0/5
[NetworksHeaven-Ethernet0/0/5] port  link-type trunk
[NetworksHeaven-Ethernet0/0/5] port trunk allow-pass vlan all
[NetworksHeaven-Ethernet0/0/5] return
Useful Commands
<NetworksHeaven> display port vlan  Ethernet 0/0/5
<NetworksHeaven> display port vlan


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