Cisco Vs Huawei LAB M – (Configuring VLANs)

The VLAN technology is used to divide a physical LAN into multiple logical broadcast domains, each of which is called a VLAN. Each VLAN contains a group of PCs that have the same requirements. A VLAN has the same attributes as a LAN. PCs of a VLAN can be placed on different LAN segments. If two PCs are located on one LAN segment but belong to different VLANs, they do not broadcast packets to each other. With VLAN, the broadcast traffic volume is reduced; fewer devices are required; network management is simplified; and network security is improved.

SW-NetworksHeaven# configure  terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
SW-NetworksHeaven(config)# vlan 2
SW-NetworksHeaven(config-vlan)# name Accounts
SW-NetworksHeaven(config-vlan)# end
Useful Commands
SW-NetworksHeaven# show  vlan brief
Enter system view, return user view with Ctrl+Z.
[SW-NetworksHeaven]  vlan 2
[SW-NetworksHeaven-vlan2] description Accounts
[SW-NetworksHeaven-vlan2] return
Useful Commands
<SW-NetworksHeaven> display  vlan
<SW-NetworksHeaven> display  vlan  2

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