Cisco Vs Huawei LAB J – 1 (Configuring Standard & Basic ACL)

An ACL is composed of a list of rules. Each rule contains a permit or deny clause. These rules are defined to use information in packets to classify the packets.

TASK: Deny all traffic from host All traffic from other sources are allowed.

NetworksHeaven(config)#  access-list   10  deny
NetworksHeaven(config)#  access-list   10  permit    any
NetworksHeaven(config)# interface Serial 1/0/0
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# ip access-group 10 in
NetworksHeaven(config-if)# end
Useful Commands
NetworksHeaven# show access-lists
NetworksHeaven# show access-lists 10
[NetworksHeaven] acl  2001
[NetworksHeaven-acl-basic-2001]  rule  permit  source
[NetworksHeaven-acl-basic-2001] quit

[NetworksHeaven] traffic classifier tc
[NetworksHeaven-classifier-tc] if-match  acl  2001
[NetworksHeaven-classifier-tc] quit

[NetworksHeaven] traffic behavior  tb
[NetworksHeaven-behavior-tb] deny
[NetworksHeaven-behavior-tb] quit

[NetworksHeaven] traffic policy  tp
[NetworksHeaven -trafficpolicy-tp]  classifier  tc  behavior  tb
[NetworksHeaven -trafficpolicy-tp] quit

[NetworksHeaven ]interface Serial 1/0/0
[NetworksHeaven-Serial1/0/0] traffic-policy  tp  inbound
[NetworksHeaven-Serial1/0/0] return

Useful Commands
NetworksHeaven> display acl  all
<NetworksHeaven> display acl  2001
<NetworksHeaven> display  traffic  classifier  user-defined   tc
<NetworksHeaven> display  traffic  behavior  user-defined  tb
<NetworksHeaven>  display   traffic   policy   user-defined   tp

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